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Pups N Pints with AKC

AKC staff members lovingly surround Deacon, a mastiff, at the Pups and Pints event at Cottonwood Bar in 2019.
Deacon, owned by Christi Kellor, at AKC Pups N Pints 2019

Baytown Kennel Club was one of several groups present at the AKC Pups And Pints event at the Cottonwood Bar, where members of the public could meet various breeds and learn about dog events from local kennel club members.

Christi Kellor and her English Mastiff Deacon were a big hit, attracting a great deal of interest and earning a spot on the evening news! Click here to watch the segment.

Also participating were V.C. Devaney and one of her Dalmatians, Taai-Taai, who is a great breed ambassador with his laid-back and approachable demeanor.

A Dalmatian named Taai Taai is surrounded by 3 ladies petting him at Cottonwood Bar during AKC's Pups N Pints event in 2019.
Taai Taai, a dalmatian, meets the dog-loving public at 2019 AKC Pups N Pints

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