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Support Dog Events

Dog events can be so much fun! You, your dog, your friends, and their dogs can gather for a day of fun - showing, competing, winning - and taking the best dog home at the end of the day.


Baytown Kennel Club holds conformation shows, obedience (and Rally-O) competitions, agility competitions, and other events.... but we can't do it without the generous support of the community and our member-volunteers.

Anyone loves dogs can become a member, participate in events, volunteer during events, or contribute in other ways.

Please consider coming to our meetings - they are informal, and we always have food. We accept new members of all kinds, and your contributions will be heartily welcome.

Financial contributions support our ability to give prizes to our competitors, as well as support the cost of judges, paid stewards, and facility rental expenses.

Volunteering provides the volunteer with experience in how dog sports work, which is invaluable insight if you compete with your dog. Volunteers improve the show experience for their fellow dog and human exhibitors, making for a rewarding and fun time for us all. Volunteers' time and effort is greatly appreciated and needed!

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