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Baytown Kennel Club
Welcoming all dog lovers
and breed fanciers



Do you love spending time with your dog?

Once you completed puppy classes with your beloved pet, did you  consider going further? 

Maybe you want to earn a Canine Good Citizen and do therapy with your dog. Perhaps you've seen exciting footage of Agility on TV and want to try that out.  As a kid you might've done junior handling, and now you want to get another beautiful dog to show.

Kennel club members participate in any and all dog sports.


Kennel club membership is right for you. Come out to one of our meetings and events or apply for membership today!

Monthly Meetings
Join us for dinner, dog brags, and event planning every month.
Click here for upcoming meeting date and location.
Events & Exhibitions
If you already show your dog, or would like to start competing, we hold events throughout the year.
Click here for event info.
Meetings & Competitions
Dog sports and information
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